Supernova 16.03

A screen reader and magnifier with Braille support
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Supernova is a software designed to help the visually impaired whether they only have low vision or unfortunately are blind. This software has a magnifier and is a screen reader with Braille support. Therefore it is also perfect for individual users that experience deteriorating eye strain during a working day or even for school or work, to provide solutions for visually impaired groups.

This is a user friendly tool that allows a PC to read text in any Windows-based application. Have email, Web pages, or documents be read aloud to you, even listen to confirm as numbers are being typed into a spreadsheet.

Supernova offers great visual magnification, speech and Braille support, giving the freedom to access Windows in the way that best helps reducing eye strain by allowing users to increase magnification or turn speech on during the day as eyes become tired.

Braille support consists of screen reading, meaning it will read any text or the window menus/commands of an application. Furthermore it supports braille input (from special keyboard) as well as computer Braille output (printing).

And best of all this program has a free lifetime support.

Raul Iniguez
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  • Reads any text in Windows
  • Magnifies texts
  • Braille support


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